Shopping for Books with Struggling Readers

In this feature series, Rob and Matt will explore how to best shop for independent reading books with some of the students that consistently struggle to choose the right books and complete them successfully.


Using “Alternate Close” to Sell Books to Readers

“Alternate Close” is the library strategy that we use to guide students towards reading “just right” high-interest books.


“Maniac” Mike

“Maniac” Mike is the student that consistently tries to read books that is far above his level. In this post, we discuss some tricks we use to get him to read “just right” books.


“Lazy” Larry

“Lazy” Larry is the student that has been really successful at reading books below his level, but has been very reluctant to read books that are on his F&P level. In this post, we recommend some possible next steps.


“Quitting” Quisha

“Quitting” Quisha is the student that struggles to complete books regularly. In this post, we explore different strategies to help her build reading stamina, focus and confidence. 


“Negative” Nelly

“Negative” Nelly is the student that says she “hates reading.” In this post, we brainstorm some different ways to jumpstart a student’s reading life.