Open eBooks

In this feature series, Rob and Matt explore how to download and best use the Open eBook app. This app is an amazing free resource that provides thousands of free books to students.


How to Use Open eBooks with Your Students

This post explains how to receive login codes from First Book, download the Open eBook app and get started.


Strong Girls Take Over Open eBooks!

This post highlights five amazing female authors and the books that they have made available on the Open eBook app. The protagonists in these books are girls who overcome struggles, such as racism, bullying, disability and poverty.


Goblins, Faeries, and Brownies Invade Open eBooks!

This post explores a handful of the most popular fantasy series that have been made available on the Open eBook app. Series include The Spiderwick Chronicles, Pendragon, and Among the Hidden.


Get Kids Hooked on a Great Series at Open eBooks

This post highlights 8 series that have the first book available on Open eBooks. This is a great way to test out series such as I Funny, Maximum Ride, or Twilight, without having to spend any money.