Assistive Technology

In this series, Rob introduces readers to Assistive Technology for reading, discusses which students would benefit from Assistive Technology, and explains how to use a wide variety of AT tools in the most cost-effective way possible.


What is Assistive Technology?

This post provides an overview on what Assistive Technology for reading is. 


Which Kids Benefit from Assistive Technology?

This post discusses in detail how to identify the students who benefit most from Assistive Technology. This post is especially useful for Special Educators and teachers that work with students that have disabilities. 


Awesome AT Tools: Bluford Audiobooks

This post explains how to access an amazing Assistive Technology tool that is completely free!


Awesome AT Tools: Read & Write for Google

This post explains how to use a free screen-reader device that allows students to listen to texts in either a Google Doc or on a Google Chrome webpage.


Awesome AT Tools: Starting Small with Audible

This post explains some of the very basic ways that Rob and Matt use Audible in their classroom. It also explains some of the most important tricks to using the program.


Choosing Only the Most “Sponge-worthy” Audiobooks

This post explains how to create reading ladders out of audiobooks. It also explains the best pricing option when opening an Audible account.


And more articles to come soon …