Goblins, Faeries and Brownies Invade Open eBooks!
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Goblins, Faeries and Brownies Invade Open eBooks!

March 9, 2016 0

The kids in our 7th grade classroom love fantasy. They enjoy being immersed in new worlds where odd and magical things happen. As a teacher, I love fantasy because the books are usually part of a series. Get a kid hooked on a series and you’ve planned out the next month or two of their reading lives. Thankfully, Open eBooks has many of the complete fantasy series that our students have devoured. After recommending these books, be prepared for your students to ask for more independent reading time. 


(Don’t forget to click here for help on setting up Open eBook, or here for books with strong female protagonists.)


The fantasy series that we’re recommending come in a variety of levels and are arranged in this article from easiest to hardest. Without further ado:


Holly Black & Tony Diterlizzi

Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi teamed up to write the The Spiderwick Chronicles, a series of five books that detail the adventures of Jared, Simon and Mallory, after their family moves into the Spiderwick Estate. Kids love the action and suspense that ensues as they encounter brownies, faeries, hobgoblins, and dwarves. If your students love The Spiderwick Chronicles, they should also check out Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, a second series also written by Black and DiTerlizzi.

  • Perfect for a precocious elementary school student or a struggling middle schooler.





Erin Hunter

According to wikipedia, Erin Hunter is the “collective pseudonym” for four different authors who all contribute to writing the various Warriors and Survivors books. No matter the author, these books are surprisingly popular with our 7th grade boys. They love all of the action and clan warfare between the groups of feral cats who are the stars of the Warriors series, and the adventures of the abandoned dogs in Survivors.

  • Perfect for middle schoolers.




Margaret Peterson Haddix

At the beginning of the Among the Hidden series, we meet Luke, a 12 year-old boy living under the harsh laws of a totalitarian government. This government has decreed that families can have no more than two children. Unfortunately for Luke, he is a third child and this means that he must live his entire life in hiding or risk being arrested by the gruesome Population Police. This action-packed series has been a perennial favorite amongst our middle schoolers. If your students enjoy the Among the Hidden series, they should check out The Missing series or one of the many other titles that Ms. Haddix has contributed to Open eBooks!

  • Perfect for middle schoolers or struggling high schoolers.




Kenneth Oppel

Kenneth Oppel is the author of the Silverwing Trilogy, which chronicles the life of Shade, a silverwing bat. All three books follow the quest format and provide tons of twists that will keep your students turning the (ebook) pages.

  • Perfect for middle schoolers or struggling high schoolers.




D.J. MacHale

D.J. MacHale is the author of the 10-book Pendragon series. Over the course of the series, Bobby Pendragon – a regular 14-year old boy – must travel through multiple dimensions to save the universe.

  • Perfect for middle schoolers or struggling high schoolers.




Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull is the author of the insanely popular Fablehaven series, which has long been a fixture in our classroom library. While Fablehaven has not been made available on Open eBooks, each of the installments of the Beyonders series, and The Five Kingdoms series are available.

  • Perfect for middle schoolers or struggling high schoolers.




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