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February 12, 2016 0

We believe that all teachers care about their students and want to see them succeed. But how do you channel that passion and define success? We can help you develop the right structures, curricula, resources, and assessments that make good teachers great and will lead your students to success. We have many years of combined experience and can help you develop your literacy program in the following areas:


Accurate and Reliable Data


Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System

No single data point gives any educator all the info they need, but we can help you choose data points that compliment each other that together create a full picture of your students’ abilities and areas of instructional need. We have experience and expertise in administering and analyzing various reading assessments such as Scholastic Reading Inventory, Teachers College Reading Assessment, Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System, Accelerated Reader, and interim assessments. Together, we can show you how to use this combination of data to inform instruction for your students, create robust goals and inform your Response to Intervention (RTI) structure.


Using Data to Inform Schoolwide Literacy Structures

Accurate and reliable baseline data serves as a compass in guiding your decisions about schoolwide literacy structures. The reading levels of your students determines how much time they need to spend per day in literacy-based classes. We can help you decide which classes to offer, the length of the periods and the instructional priorities.


Creating a Tier 1 Curriculum that Meets the Needs of the Vast Majority of Your Students

Once you have collected your data and established your schoolwide literacy structures, you’re ready to craft the Tier 1 instruction that nearly all of your students will be exposed to. This curriculum is designed to give access to grade level standards and it’s aligned to your data priorities. We can help you establish or refine your reading and writing programs using a balanced literacy model, such as Readers and Writers Workshop, EngageNY, etc.


We also have particular expertise creating independent reading programs. We can help you setup classroom libraries, digital libraries, develop independent reading routines and craft a guided reading program. Our knowledge of Accelerated Reader can help you analyze and incentivize strong reading comprehension and volume. 


1250 pic of library

We can help you pick rigorous and appealing books for your literacy units and to complete your classroom library.


Addressing the Needs of Diverse Learners through RTI and SST Programs

Even the best Tier 1 curriculum will not meet the needs of all of your students. Depending on the profile of your student body, a substantial number of students may need increased literacy supports. These are often students who have IEPs, who are identified as ELLs, who have been under serviced or who may be in the eligibility process. For these students we can help to design supplemental supports. This could include supports within the inclusion setting, evidence-based interventions, Assistive Technology, or extended time built into the day.

1235 pic of Assistive Technology

We can show you how to pair the books in your library with audiobooks to help your struggling readers.


Continuous Support to Ensure Success

An excellent literacy program requires excellent support. We can provide ongoing support in the following areas:

  • implementation and feedback on the various literacy structures you’ve created
  • direct coaching to teachers on unit planning, lesson planning, lesson delivery and analyzing student data
  • facilitating co-teaching partnerships
  • training on the use of Assistive Technology (audiobooks and text-to-speech support)
  • re-analyzing data on a rolling basis


For a free initial consultation, please contact us at rob@growingreadersdc.com or matt@growingreadersdc.com.

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