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How to Find Out if Your Students Did Their Reading Homework in 5 “Clicks”

January 3, 2016 0

If you’re a teacher of any subject, of any grade level, you’ve heard the administrator rallying cry: “Show me the data!” Some variations that I’ve also heard:

“Where’s your data?”

“What does the data show?”

“How can we get data on this?”

“Data data data data data?!”


This is well meaning, but is so hard to find data that fully encapsulates a student’s performance. While Accelerated Reader doesn’t tell us everything we need to know about our readers, it comes pretty close when we use it correctly. In short, Accelerated Reader provides answers to the data questions your administrators are asking.


In this post, I’m going to show you how to quickly run reports, so you know which students are reading consistently, and which students are comprehending their books.


Rob and I use only a handful of the many data reports that AR can generate. One report we use is the teacher-facing “Record Books and Goals,” which shows the date, title and score of the most recent quizzes all your students have taken:Report

Rob and I run this report daily to see who we need to have check-ins with about reading volume and comprehension. For example, if we see a student who failed her last quiz, we’ll ask her what was hard about the book. If we have a student who hasn’t taken a quiz in a week, we’ll ask what’s getting in the way of her home reading.


Here’s the how-to-guide to generate this report:

Click 1: log in as a “Teacher/Administrator.”

click 1 log in as teacher administrator


Click 2: select the “Accelerated Reader” icon.

click 2 select the AR icon


Click 3: select “Record Books and Goals.”

click 3 select record books and goals


Clicks 4 and 5: select which classes you want to have the report for. Then select “Reading Practice Quizzes.”

click 4 select which classes


Here’s the “Reading Practice Quizzes” report:



Dig deeper by clicking on a student’s name. This will show you all of her quiz results.

click 6 dig deeper

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